Barefoot Manifesto is the culmination of everything I feel called to share with the world. It is based on the idea that, like when our bare feet are in contact with the earth, a true connection to source allows for our most authentic selves to radiate.

I was living in Denver three years ago and found myself feeling lost and defeated, unclear on what I wanted in life, what to focus on, which direction to go. My dedication to yoga since age 15 inspired me to study the practice more deeply, and it was the catalyst for the biggest transformation of my life. It is what led me down the path of healing. I was empowered to understand myself on a soul level, what I need to thrive, and how to navigate the changing tides of life. Yoga taught me to be vulnerable; it taught me that cultivating true connection to those around me is incredibly powerful. Nourishing friendships, collaborating with like-minded bad asses, and telling those you love how you feel, that is what gives life it’s richness.

In my journey of healing and self-exploration and throughout my entire life, nature has been a constant. Growing up near Lake Tahoe, California, I was always playing outside. I am so grateful for this upbringing because it instilled a respect for the wisdom of nature. I believe nurturing this connection is vital for a healthy life.

The study of yoga and absorbing all that I can from the natural world have lent a hand in how I approach business. Of course studying marketing for five years contributes as well, but my life experience is what makes my approach so unique and powerful. The power of authenticity,  storytelling, adaptability,  and collaboration are what make a business stand out, what make it sustainable and successful.

My mission is to combine the wisdom I have gained throughout my life to inspire people to create deeper connections: to yourself, to nature, and to community. 

Barefoot Manifesto is a declaration to connect, live authentically, and realize what it means to flourish.