Barefoot Branding


Barefoot Manifesto is dedicated to building your business through a strengthened connection to your audience, where authentic storytelling and captivating relatability are the catalysts to success.

I believe that you have something magnificent and unique to offer. I believe you can change lives. But the daily tasks of running a business leave little time to focus on what inspired you in the first place. Let my five years of unique experience in sales, marketing, and branding, along with my passion for authentic connection, catapult your brand to heights you never dreamed of. We will work together to establish goals and develop actionable items that will lead to genuine brand experiences and lasting customer relationships.

I offer cohesive brand consulting, copy writing, social media marketing and management, compelling content creation, and photography.

Check out some of the amazing companies I've worked with:

the yoga room

Located in North Lake Tahoe, California, The Yoga Room is a space for all things yoga, asana, community, support, and self-growth. This is a space to share the human experience.

WanDerlust Squaw Valley

Wanderlust Yoga Studio is nestled at the base of Squaw Valley, California. The studio's breathtaking mountain views, expert teachers, and mountain town energy make for a truly unique and inspiring sanctuary to practice yoga.

Medicine box

Medicine Box is based in Northern California and creates hand-crafted cannabis edibles and tinctures. Medicine Box cultivates sun grown, organic flower for their products, while remaining dedicated to the principles of mindful consumption and innovative, sustainable practices.