Wellness Warriors

16 Week Holistic Wellness Program: Return to the Roots of Feeling Good

possible side effects may include:

  • improved well-being

  • deeper connection to self

  • weight loss

  • increased energy

  • improved digestion

  • reduced stress

  • healthier hair / skin / nails

  • stronger immune system

  • improved athletic performance

  • better sleep quality




What: A 16 week holistic wellness program that focuses on the roots of feeling good: a plant based diet (this does NOT mean no meat, it simply means more plants!), a regular movement practice, and time for reflection.

Why: Overall wellness is a result of only 20% exercise. The other 80% is a result of what we consume, in our bodies and in our minds. This program highlights the power of plant nutrition and witnessing what flooding our bodies with 45 fruits and veggies a day can do. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! The root of wellness begins with how optimally our bodies' are functioning. Only when we feel healthy and energized do we have the capacity to create healthy habits like movement and personal growth. This program is designed to allow the many benefits of plant nutrition to carry over into all areas of your life. 

Where: This is the beauty of the Wellness Warriors Program - you can participate from anywhere in the world! The program takes place online and over the phone. It is simple enough that you can stick with it when you are traveling, working a busy schedule, raising a family, or building an empire. 


  • 16 weeks of consuming 45 fruits and veggies every day with a variety of packages to suit your individual needs, starting at just $5 a day
  • 10 day reset every 4 weeks to keep you on track
  • consistent 1 on 1 support sessions with me
  • coaching, accountability groups, plant based recipes, yoga, and meditation
  • support from a tribe of fierce wellness warriors
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